Our Work

Architectural Concrete

Holland is recognized in the construction industry for its in-house ability to produce high quality architectural concrete work.

Our in-house experienced and skilled tradesmen can produce quality architectural concrete for your most demanding projects. Having this ability is essential when performing hard landscape work in urban locations for quality conscious developers and municipalities.

Our reputation for producing high-end architectural concrete work provided Holland with an introduction into the demanding requirements of water features almost 25 years ago.

Natural Stone Masonry

The value of natural stone work completed in-house by Holland Landscaper likely exceeds that of most masonry contractors in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Holland is well versed in the technical requirements of modern masonry.  We endeavour to offer the appearance of European Masters workmanship in our installations.

Fountains and Water Features

Holland Landscapers has completed many memorable water features throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The most notable being the Olympic Torch Water Feature located on the Jack Poole Plaza at the Vancouver Convention Centre and million-dollar water features at George Wainborn Park in Yaletown, Vancouver and UniverCity Plaza at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby.

With our considerable experience, Holland can provide a turnkey installation which includes overlapping responsibility for drainage, water supply, reinforcing steel, high quality Holland architectural concrete work, waterproofing, supply and installation of mechanical components and electrical hookup.

Let us work with your consultants to ensure you won’t be disappointed.

Soft Landscaping

Hard landscapes constructed by Holland provide the bones of a great design.  Soft landscaping adds the natural beauty.  Combined, properly installed landscapes mature and improve with age.  Hollands skilled horticulturalists ensure the combination of each is greater than the sum of its parts.

If a quality landscape is important to your construction marketing plan be sure to call Holland Landscapers.

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